From 4th primaria to 6th primaria

English classes begin in 4th primaria with the aim to achieve level A1 at the end of the year. We work on the 4 skills ranging from speaking, reading, listening and writing activities. Tasks on the computer – Cyberhomework – , making short presentations, cooperative learning assignments and reading one book in the second semester are also part of the English classes.

In 5th and 6th primaria the objective is to achieve level A2, in addition, the students read one book per semester. At the end of 6th primaria, an external evaluation is carried out by the department of psychology together with the English staff.

In first Básico, level A2+ is the goal. Apart from the activities mentioned above, the students also read two books in the course of the school year in order to improve comprehension and vocabulary skills. Role plays and short presentations are also part of the curriculum. Besides, an external evaluation of the students’ language skills is offered. The participation in the Cambridge test PET is voluntary.

From II Básico to V Bachillerato

The necessity to start with the 4 skills already at an early age is due to the fact that our students have to be prepared for the standardized school leaving exam (Matura) on level B2. Consequently, reading, listening, Language in Use, and writing tasks have to be practiced for levels B1 and B2. Furthermore, making presentations on a given topic is also part of acquiring speaking skills according to the level. In the last two years, students can take the Cambridge test FCE or CAE, which is part of the external evaluation.

For all grades, activities and assignments are offered on Google classroom.